Erica R.

Washington, DC

As a law student with limited free time, I finally broke down and decided to hire a cleaning service. I picked CAOS because of the positive reviews, and I'm absolutely glad I did. The results are FANTASTIC.

My initial deep clean was yesterday, and although the price was steep ($140 to clean my 568 square foot studio apartment in DC), they did an incredible job. Not only did the two girls take care of the standard dusting / vacuuming / wiping things down, but they even cleaned and organized the contents of my drawers and cabinets!

There were also smaller touches that I really appreciated. The girls provided their own cleaning supplies, dusted under my bed and furniture, and even folded the end of the toilet paper into a triangle (hotel style). Good job, CAOS!

Although appointments are primarily coordinated online, the woman who answers the office number (Claudia?) is incredibly helpful and friendly. When the staff was a little late to show up (estimated between 12:00 and 1:00PM, arrived around 2:00PM), she happily inquired into their whereabouts and informed me that they'd be there within five minutes.

I've arranged for CAOS to clean my apartment every two weeks, and am looking forward to my next appointment!

A word of note: Of the two girls who came to clean my apartment, only one could understand English (and that too, not much). I speak Spanish, so this wasn't much of a problem for me, but it may be a problem for others.

Shalin C.

Phoenix, AZ

Ok, so just a few days ago I wrote a scathing review about CAOS because they made a mistake...well, I'm here to update because they made it right.  I went to my mailbox today, and imagine my surprise to see my check returned!! They did not cash the check for the cleaning of my apartment!!! I'm surprised, and a little torn about what I should do...I feel like I should send them another check so that their staff can at least get paid. I digress...important part of this review is that they made a mistake, I told them about it, and they did their best to fix the mistake - and FAST! I didn't even request a refund.  This signals to me that they are honest and genuinely concerned about their customers experience.

Go CAOS!! You have just made a customer for life!! Everyone makes mistakes, but what a different world it would be if everyone owned up to them.

Theresa B.

Washington, DC

​​I had a deep clean done on my condo building and I was extremely happy with the service.  The team showed up on-time and did more than I ever expected for the cost. I would hands down recommend them and will be using them for monthly service going forward.

Overall, based on other cleaning services i have used in the past - I could not be happier!